Belgium borrows 2.5 billion and is moving ahead in its 2017 financing plan

Belgium has borrowed just over 2.5 billion euros via linear bonds (OLOs) and has now achieved more than half of its annual financing program via OLOs, the debt agency said on Monday.

More specifically, 901 million euros was raised via bonds with a maturity of 2023 at an average rate of 0.111%. Added to this is the 1.6 billion borrowed through 10-year bonds at a rate of 0.7777, significantly lower than a 10-year loan made a month ago (0.933%).

With the raising of funds announced on Monday, the OLO component of the financing plan for 2017 has now been realised at 52.97%, or 18.538 billion euros out of a total of 35 billion planned this year. In total, the financing plan established by the Debt Agency for 2017 provides for the borrowing of 39.25 billion euros on the markets.

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