Directors for Belgium’s public nuclear waste entity paid up to €24,500 for one meeting in four years

Some ONDRAF directors, the public entity which manages nuclear waste in Belgium, were paid despite non-attendance at meetings.
One of two only attended a single board meeting in four years but received €24,500. This was reported on Saturday in Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen.

Hugues Latteur, who sat as an Ecolo deputy in the Brussels government in 2006, had thus attended none of the meetings between 2014 and 2016, and only a single meeting in 2017. However he earned €6,000 a year in lump-sum payments. He explained, “I found it strange myself that I continued to be paid.” At the same time he maintains that he requested several times to be removed from office.

Two other directors are being singled out on this occasion. These are Cécilia Vermeulen (MR) who, in the meantime, has moved to China and Vanessa Teixeira Dos Santos. The latter worked, during the 90s, in the research section of the PS (Socialist party). She now lives in the UK.

The ongoing operation of ONDRAF depends upon Kris Peeters (the Economy Minister) and Marie Christine Marghem (the Minister for Energy). Mr Peeters’s office indicates that new directorship nominations are expected shortly.

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