Unemployed going self-employed will benefit from €4,000 subsidy

From this coming January, Brussels jobseekers going self-employed will be able to benefit from a subsidy of €4,000. This is reported in L’Echo on Wednesday.

The proposal comes from the Minister for Economy and Employment, Didier Gosuin (DéFI). He asserts that “with this subsidy, jobseekers will be able to start up new businesses, without fearing financial difficulty.” He explains, “Under the system, we will give them an extra six months to break even.” The minister further states that this form of assistance will “target a particular section of the public with the weakened status of jobseeker. We are offering such people a solution to get out of their predicament.”

The system will provide for payment of a monthly amount on a degressive basis, over a period of six months. The figures available to jobseekers will be €1,250 in the first month, €1,000 in month two, €750 in the third month, €500 in month four, €250 in the fifth month and a further final €250 in month six. A budget of €2.5 million is anticipated, and 625 job seekers may thus take advantage of it, without any age restriction applying.

The author: Margareta STROOT

Margareta Stroot, a multi-talented individual, calls Brussels her home. With a unique blend of careers, she balances her time as a part-time journalist and a part-time real estate agent. Margareta's deep-rooted knowledge of the city of Brussels, where she resides, has proven invaluable in both of her roles. Her journalism captures the essence of the city, while her real estate expertise helps others find their perfect homes in the vibrant Belgian capital.

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