Aeroplane noise nuisance: working groups to meet – a step in the right direction for FEB

On Thursday morning, the FEB was satisfied by the results of the meeting between federal and federated entities.
These favoured objective discussion on aeroplane nuisance caused by the national airport.

The employers’ organisation commented today (Thursday) in a communiqué, “The endless arguments around the national airport have simply gone on for too long. It is now time for all parties around the table to accept the need for open and honest discussions to find a sustainable solution.”

It further said, “With this in mind, the statements today are encouraging and demonstrate good prospects for a positive conclusion to the matter. This was the message expected by the businessmen who will now allow the various authorities the necessary time to address the situation.”

The FEB, says that Brussels Airport requires a global solution in the short, medium and long term. There are several elements in play so a balance must be found between the airport’s economic importance, aeroplane security for take-off and landing and living conditions of the local residents.

A global solution would involve a swift development of the law in relation to planes flying over the area, to find a solution for noise standards and investment in transport. It further states, these investments may cover the main runway extension or scope for traffic around the airport.

The author: Clémentine FORISSIER

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