Urbano Giuliani is the Belgian Featherweight champion

He beat Frenchman Baska Tuvdenlhagva on points. Tuvdenlhavga is Breton, but originally from the Mongolian Republic.

Baska met the Federation’s criteria with 5 wins, 3 draws and 4 defeats, all on points. Like his 5th defeat on Saturday. Urbano, the son of French League champion Marco Giuliani, has won 9 fights out of 10.

Stéphane Jamoye, 27, is preparing for his Europe des Coqs (-55.525 kilos) title fight on the 25th of February. He will fight Frenchman Karin Guerfi in France. Jamoye beat Nicaraguan Lesther Cantillano on points. Jamoye, the former European triple champion, now has 31 victories (16 KOS) and 7 defeats. He plans to take back the belt Guerfi won from him on points on the 28th of September 2013. He never really accepted that defeat, which was at the same hall in Herstal.

Stéphane Jamoye’s younger brother Steve, 25, the Benelux super lightweight (-63.503 kilos) champion, will also be part of the European championship. He beat Nicaraguan Felix Matamoros (7 victories (3 KOS) and 9 defeats) by Technical KO in the 3rd of 8 rounds. This earned the younger Jamoye his 21st victory. He has 3 defeats and 1 draw.

Super lightweight fighter Andrea Carbonello beat Georgian Anzor Gamgebeli, who capitulated in the 6th and final round.

Super featherweight (-58.967 kilos) fighter Luca Astorino remained unbeaten after his third fight, against Frenchman Smaïn Duhamel. He won by Technical KO in the 4th and final round.

The surprise result of a supposedly predictable super middleweight (-76.204 kilos) fight between Cédric Spera and Giorgi Aduashvili saw the Belgian triumph. He won by Technical KO in the 3rd of 6 rounds.

Finally, Verviers resident Faroukh Kourbanov, the Belgian super featherweight champion, received an injury to his hand during a sparring session. He had to reluctantly cancel his fight against Frenchman Rachid Sali.

He will fight Finnish boxer Petteri Frojdholm for the unclaimed European Union title on the 3rd of March, in Oulu. Cédric Spera will also fight that day.

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