Eva De Bleeker notes slight decreasing in Consumer Protection infringement

The economic Inspectorate noted a slight decrease in the total number of infringements during the past wage period. 55 infringements were found, of which 21 were against the new regulation on the reference price. That is a small percentage decrease compared to last year, according to state secretary for Consumer Protection Eva De Bleeker on Monday.

The economic Inspectorate, according to good practice, conducts a number of examinations during the soldering period to ensure the reality of bargains. This is done both proactively and after reporting citizens to the FPS economy reporting point. It was checked whether companies were not engaging in unfair or misleading commercial practices, but also whether they were in line with the new omnibus law around the reference price. It states that, in addition to the selling price, a trader must always indicate the reference price when making a purchase. That is the lowest price requested for the product concerned in a 30-day period prior to the sale.

The figures show that the controls of the economic Inspectorate have been stepped up, while we see a reverse trend in the case of infringements. During the summer solstice, 154 enterprises were audited, compared to 121 last year. 55 infringements were found at 40 companies. Against the omnibus legislation around the Reference Price, 21 infringements were found.

“I think it is important that consumers are offered correct bargains. That is why I have asked the economic Inspectorate to step up the checks, and today it appears to be paying off. Retailers follow the new regulations around the reference price very well and that benefits the consumer” ” de Bleeker says.

“As a consumer, do you still have doubts or are you the victim of a so-called Bargain? Be sure to report this on the website meldpunt.belgie.be”, continues the secretary of State.

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