‘One measure too many’: Belgium urged to abolish curfew

Belgium urged to abolish curfew

The different political youth parties in Flanders are jointly pushing for the abolition of the curfew measure in Belgium ahead of the Consultative Committee on Friday.

In a joint press release, the young liberals (Jong VLD), greens (Jong Groen), Flemish nationalists (Jong N-VA), Christiandemocrats (JONGCD&V) and socialists (Jongsocialisten) asked the government for more perspective, calling the curfew “one measure too many.”

The curfew has been in force for about four months now, and while the leaders of the youth parties state that the measure was initially useful, the question can be asked whether it is still necessary and if “the negative effects are in proportion to the positive ones.”

According to them, the current ban on gatherings is sufficient to limit contacts, and the curfew has become a mere “enforcement mechanism” with “numerous adverse side-effects.”

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