Brussels Airport is not opposed to become shareholder in Charleroi Airport

The CEO of Brussels Airport Company, responsible for managing the national airport, confimed in L’Echo today (Tuesday) that he is not absolutely against an agreement with Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA).

Arnaud Feist stated in the daily newspaper, “In recent years, we have spoken of landing a potential agreement with Charleroi. We are not against this. However, I do not think that the Walloon region has any interest in this taking place. As for our owning a shareholding, I do not think that this is on the agenda as far as the Walloon region is concerned.”

He said that the approach adopted should not limit competition between the two airports. He stated, “If the Walloon region has the will to enter into discussions then, of course, I am prepared to have these. However, it is not a strategic priority for us at Brussels Airport Company, and we will not make a proactive approach.”

René Collin, the Walloon Minister for Airports, stated that this is the first time that the Brussels Airport CEO has taken such a stance. The Minister’s reaction, indeed strongly inviting Brussels Airport to abandon all manoeuvres of this nature towards BSCA, was, “…[Feist] says all of this, despite taking positive concrete steps towards significant collaboration with the BSCA.”

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