Belgians anticipated to spend more than €10 billion online this year

Belgians are likely to spend more than €10 billion online this year.

This prediction is being made on Thursday by BeCommerce, the Belgian association of online shops and distance-selling businesses, on the occasion of the publication of its half-year 2017 figures. Between January and June, online expenditure has increased by 10%, to reach 4.9 billion euros. The number of national consumers doing their shopping on the Internet has increased by 2%, going up to €7.9 million.

From January to June 2017, the number of online purchases went up to 42.3 million transactions, which represents an increase of 2%. BeCommerce points out that the “connected” consumer spent on average €348 during this second quarter, or an increase of 8%. He spent an average of €118 for each online purchase, which is also an increase of 8%. The most popular categories are airline tickets and hotels, before going on events and trips.

Moreover, some categories have increasingly had success, such as ‘computers and related accessories’, for which Belgians spent 31% more than a year ago and which is almost a quarter of all online purchases (23%). The category ‘home electronics’ is also very popular. Fifteen PC purchases out of all such items within this category are carried out online, which is an increase of 26%.

The online expenses made in Wallonia reached a total of €1.98 billion during the first six months of the year, compared to €2.92 billion in Flanders.

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