3,047 applications for international protection filed in Belgium in July

In July, 3,047 people applied for international protection in Belgium to the General Commissariat for Refugees and stateless persons (CGRS). This is shown by the figures of the CGRS on Thursday. The people making the request are mainly from Afghanistan, Syria, Burundi and Palestine. That stat excludes Ukrainians.

The majority, 2,660 people, filed an initial application for international protection. Another 382 people submitted a subsequent request. In addition, five persons were registered who came to Belgium via resettlement. That brings the total number of applicants in July to 3,047 people. Last year, in July 2021, there were still 2,392.

2,194 people received a decision on their application for international protection in July. Almost half (1,021 people) saw refugee status recognized. 52 others were granted subsidiary protection status. In almost a fifth of the decisions taken by the General Commissariat in July, the request was considered inadmissible or unfounded. 626 people were denied refugee status and subsidiary protection status. From five people, the statute was revoked or abolished.

Real backlog of 12,393 files

At the end of July, the workload was 16,593 files for almost 20,000 people. “Given the current influx, 4,200 files can be considered a normal workload. 12,393 files make up the real backlog,” says the General Commissariat. In June, the CGRS still had a backlog of 13,112 files.

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