Residents of This Italian Village Purchase all the beer at local supermarkets so the Neonazi festival is without

Beer Ostritz

The residents of Ostritz, Germany, are not served by the birth of their Shield and Sword (SS) stone festival in their village. Subsequent to the festival was previously served using an alcohol ban, then the villagers took things into their own hands and bought all the beer out of the neighbor hood.

There’s nothing as awful being a festival . Every one understands that. Nonetheless, it is what the Shield and Sword (SS) festival has got to handle. The neo nazi festival at Ostritz, Germany, had to complete without beer. And the villagers are among these for some thing.

Im sächsischen Ostritz saßen hunderte Neonazis am Wochenende auf dem Trockenen, weir that Bürger hats the entertained beer stock of this supermarket Supermarkets on the market.

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