Head of Burger King: “Giant and Whopper will co-exist for a long time to come”

Burger King

Kevin Derycke the CEO of Burger Brands Belgium, and thus responsible for its subsidiaries Burger King Belgium and Quick, has announced his business plan.

He has revealed this in an interview given to the newspaper Le Soir today.

He wishes to open 30 to 40 new restaurants in the next few years. The group will also hire 300 to 350 staff in 2017 and 400 to 450 people in 2018.

Kevin Derycke said, “We will open our first Burger King restaurant at the end of April in Luxembourg and the first in Belgium this summer. Throughout 2017, we will open five to seven outlets. In the coming years, we will accelerate the frequency of such outlets opening for business.”

However, he cannot give a view, at the present time, as to the proportion of Burger King and Quick signs that we will see on the high street.

“We have never wanted to kill off the brand (Quick, editor’s note). On the contrary we have always wanted to expand it.” He speaks of Quick as “a Belgian brand which is historically a market leader in its field, and still highly appreciated by Belgians.”

He promises to continue to expand it, “whilst introducing the Burger King brand.”

As the CEO of the parent company responsible for bringing together the two brands in Belgium he said, “Sure, we are going to convert some Quick restaurants into Burger Kings but our wish is, in particular, to open new Burger King restaurants. This is because we believe that there is still room to do this in the fast food market.”

Mr Derycke further confirms, “Giant and Whopper will co-exist for a long time to come. Quick has grand times ahead of it.”

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