Flemish Parliament has received no request from Puigdemont

The Flemish parliament has received no request from Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont to host his swearing-in ceremony as the head of Catalonia’s Government, a source said.

The source added that Puigdemont also has no intention of submitting such a request nor has he received any invitation from any group in the Flemish parliament.

The Spanish news agency, EFE, had reported over the weekend that Puigdemont had contacted the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) to request the availability of the Flemish Parliament for him to deliver his inauguration speech there next Tuesday.

Spain’s Constitutional Court has since blocked the Catalan leader’s swearing-in, stating that he had to appear in person in the Catalan Parliament, which would then conduct the swearing-in with a legal authorization.

On Sunday, N-VA president Bart De Wever had denied that there were negotiations between his party and Puigdemont over the possibility of an inaugural address in the Flemish Parliament, but said any such decision would be taken at a meeting on Monday in the office of the Flemish Assembly.

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