Two nuclear waste shipments from France to Belgium in 2017

Two transports of vitrified waste will take place in 2017 between France and Belgium, according to a statement released on Monday.

This waste originates from the reprocessing of used Belgian nuclear fuels in France.

Two shipments will be necessary to repatriate this waste. One of the two shipments will consist of 16 containers of vitrified waste of medium activity and the other of 19 containers. Thirty-five containers will therefore return to Belgium. An empty shipment will be carried out in advance in preparation for this. “All arrangements will be made to ensure that transport packaging arrives at Mol railway station in a safe manner and transport packaging will be transferred from the wagon to a truck in a specific transshipment area. Then the packaging will be transported by road to the specially designed storage building at the Belgoprocess site in Dessel, where the containers will be unloaded from the transport packaging”, the statement said.

On Belgian territory, the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (AFCN) “will closely monitor” the transport operations in question.

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