Google Bard is not available in Belgium yet

Since ChatGPT saw the light of day at the end of 2022, almost everyone has already been able to get acquainted with artificial intelligence themselves. More and more companies are turning to technology. Tech giant Google also jumps on the bandwagon. The new chat robot Bard is being rolled out in as many as 180 countries. It is still unclear which countries they are, but it is certain that Belgium and the Netherlands are not among them.

The global dominance of Google as a search engine got a formidable challenger with ChatGPT. The fact that Microsoft integrated the intelligent chatbot into its Bing search engine earlier this year pushed Google to innovate to keep up with the competition. In February, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, failed to live up to high expectations at a presentation in Paris on its latest AI products. Alphabet’s share went down more than 8 percent shortly after the presentation.

Google I / O, The annual Google High Mass, gave the company a chance to scribble right on May 10th. Once again the focus was on AI and this time the performance had more flesh. Google is betting on Bard, An AI chat robot that was already available in a limited number of countries. The company is taking the flight ahead and rolling out the service in 180 countries.

According to Google, the new AI capabilities will allow us to find faster and better answers to our questions. Anyone who asks a question to Google will receive a detailed answer with citation. The latter serves to make the answers verifiable. Follow-up questions will also be easy to ask so that in-depth research becomes easier. With Bard, it also becomes possible to ask questions through an image. To achieve this, Google Lens, an image recognition technology, is being implemented in Bard.

The new feature will be available in the Google app and in Google Chrome, but when in Belgium is not yet known.

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