Nursing homes – CD&V wants CPAS to turn to children if parents can not pay

The CD&V (Christian Democratic and Flemish political party) wants children to assume the obligation of maintaining their parents in need if they have to go to CPAS (Public Social Services Centres) nursing homes.

In a draft law tabled last March, the Flemish Christian Democrats are demanding that all CPASs claim at least the reimbursement of part of the money from the children of residents in nursing homes if they do not have enough resources to pay for their own stay.

Since 2004, the CPASs have been able to not require this support, so some continue to do so while others do not.

According to the Deputy of the CD&V, Nahima Lanjri, interviewed Tuesday by De Tijd, her party wants to put an end to “this discrimination”. According to her, most children spontaneously intervene in the nursing home bill.

The Christian Democratic Party also wants to see no distinction between married couples and legal cohabitants who are not currently bound by a duty of maintenance. He still wants the scale of repayment to be less incremental. People with low incomes must also make minimal contributions. On the contrary, it calls for a ceiling on intervention, taking into account the number of persons placed under the obligation to intervene.

The proposal spurred SP. A (Social Party Different) spokesman Joris Vandenbroucke, for whom the government would do better by ensuring that the bills for the nursing homes remain payable to everyone by setting a ceiling lower than the income level of the population.

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