Lukaku hits back at Twitter critics

The Belgian international and Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has hit back at those that have posted critical tweets about him on the social media platform Twitter. In a film posted on the Twitter wall of his sponsor Puma, the 25-year-old that was instrumental in Manchester United’s Champions League win against Paris Saint-Germain last week reads out a number of the tweets and answers his critics.

“Lukaku has invented a new position: the defensive striker”.

“Newcastle wants the best Lukaku (Romelu’s brother Jordan).”

“Solskjær is going to United. He will replace Lukaku. But who is going to coach United now?”

These are just a selection of the tweets that Lukaku reads out. The Manchester United striker finds some of the comments amusing. In some other cases he answers his critic with a sharp jibe.

At the end of the video he says “You know what? You can love me or hate me. Just look at my goal statistics. I have nothing more to add”

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