Unemployment in Brussels drops to lowest level since 2000

The monthly unemployment rate in the Brussels Region went down for the 38th consecutive month in December 2017, and now stands at 16.4%, Actiris reported on Wednesday.

Youthful unemployment measured on a monthly basis decreased for the 55th consecutive month, and is now 24.3%, the regional employment service added.

The number of jobseekers in Brussels was 91,091 last month, a drop of 894 (-1%) compared to November 2017 and 5,645 units (-5,8%) lower than in December 2016.

The drop was more marked among jobseekers under the age of 25 years: there were 569 (-5.6%) fewer young jobseekers in December 2017 than in November 2017, and 1,076 fewer (-10.1%) than in December 2016.

The just over 91,000 jobseekers included 25,011 “employment seekers registered freely or on a compulsory basis”, including people without unemployment allocations and those without any alternative income.

Actiris disclosed that 14,509 job offers were received in December, most of them – 7,438 – through Wallonia’s department of professional training and employment, Forem, and the VDAB, the public employment service of Flanders, within the framework of inter-regional mobility for jobseekers.

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