Inflation rises to highest level in nearly half a century

Inflation in Belgium rose to its highest level in almost half a century in september. At the southern neighbours, the overall price level is now more than 11 percent higher than a year ago, an increase that has not been seen there since August 1975.

Due to the persistently high prices for energy and food, life has been much more expensive not only in Belgium but in numerous countries for months than a year ago. Especially since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, inflation has risen rapidly.

Belgians have now lost more than 60 percent extra for energy. That accounts for nearly half of the country’s total inflation. But the prices of food products have also risen considerably. For this, according to the Belgian statistics agency Statbel, an average of more than 10 percent more must now be counted.

However, there are also products that have become slightly cheaper in the past twelve months, the figures show. This applies, for example, to televisions and smartphones, the prices for which are now about a tenth lower. In Belgium, you will also find something cheaper when buying men’s clothing and personal accessories, such as umbrellas and sunglasses.

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