Immoweb is launching a website of real estate

The company behind the Immoweb real estate website has launched a new website for exclusive real estate. The site is a Belgian version of ‘Belles Demeures’ a French site specialising in real estate at the top end of the market. The new Belgian version of Belles Demeures” already features 3,000 top of the range properties.

The site only lists properties on sale for more than 1,000,000 euro or up for rent for more than 2,500 euro/month.

In France Belles Demeures has been in existence for 30 years. The French site offers 23,000 luxury homes for sale or rent in the whole of Europe. Belles Demeures and Immoweb are both owned by the Alex Springer Group.

The houses and flats in the Belgian version are in Belgium, but also in France and other countries. The highest price for a property in Belgium on the site is 12.95 million euro. The property in question is an 1850 town house with no fewer than 70 room. The house is located in the municipality of Etterbeek, a favourite among the city’s large ex-pat community.

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