Head of Federal Police opens a pre-investigation into potential police abuse

Catherine De Bolle

Catherine De Bolle, Chief Commissioner for the Federal Police, has requested that the General Inspectorate opens a pre-investigation.

This is into possible abuses within the police services responsible for repatriating undocumented immigrants, a spokesperson for the federal police indicated yesterday (Tuesday).

On Monday evening, VTM Nieuws (the Belgian TV channel) made public the General Inspectorate audit. The Inspectorate monitors police operation, in particular police services responsible for returning undocumented immigrants. It is thought that several police escorts may possibly have taken advantage of such immigrants’ transfer by hiring luxury hotels and even visiting prostitutes.

The police spokesperson indicated, “Such an audit is able to tackle head-on various techniques, a particular culture amongst the police and indeed practices. There are no names or concrete facts. The General Inspectorate is now being requested to start a pre-investigation into the facts.”

The police representative went on, “The objective is make these suspicions into somewhat more concrete evidence, if it is possible to establish individuals’ responsibilities in such activities. Hearings will take place. The investigation will then lead to criminal or administrative sanctions.”

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