More than one in four Belgians fears autonomous cars to be unsafe

Confidence among Belgian consumers in autonomous vehicles is stagnating, according to consulting firm Deloitte’s study on the subject published Thursday, during the ongoing Brussels motor show.

43% of respondents do not believe that these vehicles will be safe, which is a slight decrease from 50% last year, and down sharply from 69% in 2017 who expressed concern about these cars’ safety.

A series of high-profile incidents may have contributed to the loss of consumers’ confidence, Deloitte justifies, while expecting gradual acceptance to come.

Moreover, only a third (33%) of consumers question the necessity to own one’s vehicle.

Even if nearly 7 out of ten consumers (69%) want their car to have connectivity features, they are not necessarily convinced by the entailed price. One third (33%) of Belgians are indeed not willing to pay more for a connected vehicle, and 56% do not intend to pay more than 1,200 euros.

With vehicles being increasingly connected, 40% of respondents are worried about the risks involved with personal information being collected and shared with third parties.

For 43% of respondents, the most important aspect of mobility is not connectivity, but the possibility to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

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