More than 25,000 people back at work thanks to the CPAS


More than 25,000 people found employment through the CPAS system back in 2015, according to the Social Integration Minister Willy Borsus.

The figures appeared in the Sudpresse papers on Saturday.

Articles 60 and 61 allow CPAS to directly employ people on minimum income. This is done either by CPAS recruiting someone or by making jobseekers available to a third party employer. They would still be paid by the Public Centre for Social Action. Sometimes private companies employ people in exchange for a tax rebate.

The system started back in 2002. 13,056 people on minimum income were able to find employment that year thanks to CPAS. It went up to 25,239 13 years later, a 93% increase.

The biggest increase – 150% – was in Brussels (5,535 people back at work). Flanders came second with an increase of 97% (10,141 people). Wallonia is in last place with a 69% increase (9,563 people).

“This increase in people using the system is very positive”, says Willy Borsus, who is in charge of CPAS despite it being run by regional authorities.

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