Twitter shareholders discuss Musk’s failed bid (as if it was real)

Twitter is holding a shareholders ‘ meeting on september 13 at which the proposed $ 44 billion takeover bid from Tesla boss Elon Musk is on the agenda, the social media company reports. Musk has since withdrawn his takeover bid, but Twitter hopes to enforce the deal through the courts.

At the meeting, shareholders will be asked to approve the proposed fee that Twitter will have to pay to certain directors if the buyout by multi-billionaire Musk continues. Twitter shareholders will be entitled to $ 54.20 per share if the deal passes.

Musk was about to take over Twitter for $ 44 billion at the end of April. He Later withdrew: according to the entrepreneur, Twitter had not provided sufficient information about the amount of spambots and fake accounts on the platform compared to the total number of users. Spam accounts do not respond to advertising and therefore cannot contribute to profits. According to Twitter, the total number of fake accounts and bots is less than five percent, but Musk thinks this number is higher.

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