Belgian missing in Australia — Vietnamese police Officials arrive in Byron Bay and volunteers continue their efforts

Belgian police officers investigating 18-year-old Théo Hayez’s disappearance in Australia have arrived in Byron Bay.  

Approximately 20 volunteers have been still searching on Saturday, however, a lot more than 100 were expected to combine the hunt on Sunday.  

Two investigators from the Hal-Vilvorde national juvenile authorities, together with a member of those missing persons department, have attended Australia for 10 days to aid the Australian authorities. 

“We’ve worked with the Belgian police since Théo Hayez vanished. I am happy we will be working in close cooperation with the Belgian authorities over the upcoming few days”, said Byron Bay’s authorities inspector Matt Kehoe. 

Law enforcement hunt had to be briefly placed on hold as a result of bad weather, however is anticipated to begin again , together with special branches additionally helping. The hunt will pay attention to the Wategos shore region. “The weather really went , which was annoying for everyone”, the inspector said. 

Meanwhile, volunteers from the neighborhood community also have continued to seek out the various surrounding areas. 25 people were looking on Saturday and they broken up into groups to distribute over three major locations. The unofficial investigation’s co ordinator Christos Tsesmetzis told the Belga bureau they were expecting over 100 people to help on Sunday. No clothes or accessories have been found as yet.  

“Unfortunately, we do not yet understand very well what happened on to Théo, but we will keep on trying to acquire the replies his family desperately want”, inspector Kehoe said. 

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