President Rivlin may meet with Mahmoud Abbas in Belgium


President of EU parliament attempts to coordinate meeting in Brussles between Israeli and PA presidents. Rivlin agrees, but Abbas yet to respond; Belgian PM: ‘I reaffirm Belgium’s commitment to fighting anti-Semitism.’ President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz is trying to bring about a meeting in Brussels between President Reuven Rivlin and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The two are staying this week in Brussels and with Rivlin and Abbas set to address the European parliament on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Schulz asked Rivlin if he would accept an invitation to meet with Abbas to which Rivlin respnded in the affirmative and informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accordingly. Until now, Abbas has not yet responded to such an invitation. In the meantime therefore, the meeting has not been officially scheduled and it is not yet known where or when it would take place.

Abbas and Rivlin were supposed to stay in the same hotel in Brussels for the duration of their trips. However, after these details were reported, Abbas’ entourage moved to another hotel at the last minute.

Rivlin has not met with Abbas since he was inaugurated as president of Israel two years ago but has expressed his desire, on more than one occasion, to do so. The two figures have even spoken on the phone several times. Despite Rivlin’s willingness, the President’s Residence has informed that “no meeting has been set.”

Rivlin and his wifelanded on Monday morning in Brussels where he kicked off his trip by being hosted by Prime Minister Charles Michel in his guest house. During their eeting, the two spoke for an hour about strengthening ties between the two countries.

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