Antwerp: Police has intercepted a car that was rolling at full speed on Meir

The Antwerp police

The Antwerp police has intercepted a car which was rolling at full speed on one of Antwerp’s main shopping streets, the Meir.

A police spokesperson confirmed the incident at a press conference adding that the driver of the car has been arrested.

Military soldiers noticed the vehicle on Meir street at 11 am and wanted to take control of it. The car wheeled off to avoid the soldiers control check and headed to the direction of the city’s harbour. The car sped through red lights to get away. “The soldiers alerted the police and we had a rapid response team that intervened”, specified police chief Serge Muyters.

The team managed to take control of the vehicle at Sint-Michielskaai and arrested the driver. Several arms and weapons were found in the trunk of the vehicle amongst them, knives, a riot gun and a can containing a yet undetermined product.

The car has a French number plate and the driver, a French citizen named Mohamed R. aged 39 has been arrested.

There are extra police crews deployed on Antwerps streets following the incident.

Antwerps mayor Bart De Wever has expressed his gratitude to police and soldiers for their quick reaction and professionalism.

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