Belgians waste an average of 21 hours in traffic jams throughout 2016

Belgians spent an average of 21 hours in traffic jams last year. This emerges today from the annual Traffic Scorecard report, Inrix, the leading supplier of real time traffic information.

Belgium thus scoops 14th place in the European rankings.

However, it seems those driving in and around Brussels have to be a little more patient than Belgium’s other drivers. Indeed, they spent an average of 41 hours in traffic jams, or 12% of total driving time, in 2016.

This makes the capital the 14th most heavily congested European city and 41st in the world.

Belgians have also spent a fair amount of time in traffic in Antwerp (an average of 37 hours) and Liège (a little bit below at 19 hours). Below these are Ghent (15 hours – the only one where the average total has decreased slightly) and Courtrai (14 hours) last year.

Inrix analysed traffic jams in 1,064 cities in 38 different countries throughout the world, 628 of which were in 23 European states.

Muscovites spent the longest time stuck in traffic jams, spending at least an average of 91 hours or a quarter of their total driving time. London, Paris, Istanbul and Krasnodar in Russia, complete the top five.

Russia has five cities in the top ten, making it the European champion of traffic jams.

On the other hand, at the global level, Los Angeles leads the pack, with 104 hours lost in traffic jams. The American megalopolis is followed by Moscow, New York, San Francisco and Bogotá in Colombia.

The author: Clémentine FORISSIER

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