Franco-Belgian collaboration on the Dunkirk wind farm on the table


The French Environment Minister, Ségolène Royale, is open to the idea of technical collaboration on an offshore wind farm at Dunkirk.

This was announced by the federal Energy and Environment Minister Marie Christine Marghem on Friday.

France decided to open bidding on constructing a wind farm in the North Sea on the 9th of December. The “technical and economic conditions there are particularly good”, Mrs Royale says. A 180 km² zone, 5 km off the coast, has been chosen. It is also visible from the Belgian coast.

Some Belgians have concerns about the project, in particular in Panne, a commune that borders France. The State secretary for the North Sea, Phillippe De Backer, asked the French Minister for more clarification back in July.

Mrs Marghem wrote to her French counterpart Mrs Royale, who is open to the idea. Belgium’s environmental concerns were not mentioned, but technical aspects of the project were.

“This technical collaboration will draw on the respective skills and experience of those involved, some acquired through farms already in operation or under construction. Because of this, I have no doubt it will help fuel future developments. The project will draw attention to offshore wind farms”, the Belgian Minister said.

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