Scancell turns to Belgian group to replenish vaccine stocks

Scancell Holdings Plc

Scancell wants the drugs for a US clinical study of SCIB1 in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor. Scancell Holdings Plc (LON:SCLP) will use Belgian group Eurogentec to manufacture a new batch of its SCIB1 ImmunoBody vaccine.

Scancell wants the drugs for a US clinical study of SCIB1 in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor that is expected to commence in 2017.

It had to withdraw its stocks of SCIB1 in June after they went out of date having been held for seven years.

Once the US trial is completed, after around 9-12 months, the batch of SCIB1 will also be available to recommence dosing of patients in the long-term extension of a keenly watched Phase I/II clinical study in skin cancer.

Eurogentec is a contract manufacturer that produces clinical trial and commercial biopharmaceutical material for all major markets including the US and Europe.

Richard Goodfellow, Scancell’s chief executive, said: “We are delighted to be working with Eurogentec, a world class manufacturer, to provide the new batch of SCIB1 material.

“As can be seen from the latest data from our Phase 1/2 clinical trial, SCIB1 continues to deliver compelling survival data in patients with resected stage III/IV melanoma.

“This new supply will not only be used in our upcoming US checkpoint inhibitor combination trial, but also enable us to recommence treating patients in the long-term extension of the Phase 1/2 study.

“Access to Eurogentec’s expertise and proprietary manufacturing processes has the potential to substantially increase the yields of SCIB1 and fast-track the scale-up that will be required for future Phase III and commercial supply.”

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