Turks in Belgium (including city councillor) subject of Turkish investigations

Several Turks (many with dual nationality) living in Belgium are currently subject to legal investigations in Turkey. This is apparently for their critical attitude towards the authoritarian evolution of the Erdogan regime.

Several Flemish media are reporting this today. Het Belang van Limburg reports that the city councillor, Yasin Kilic, features amongst them.

He told the newspaper, “I was recently at the Turkish Consulate General. I learned whilst there that I was subject, along with others, to a legal investigation opened in Turkey. All the same it is somewhat worrying, especially since I have no idea of the motive for opening this investigation.”

When questioned, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs confirmed that it was both cognisant and monitoring the situation of the individuals concerned.

Within the group being investigated, those Turks with dual nationality are considered as Turkish citizens. They are deemed as on a par with those having solely Turkish nationality. This is so even for dual-nationality Turks residing in Belgium rather than Turkey.

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