Redevelopment of Heysel – Brussels City Council reopens public enquiry on Project Neo

Brussels City Council opened a public enquiry from today (Friday) around Project Neo which, in particular, anticipates a shopping centre in the Heysel area.

This stimulus is taking place after a stream of comments from residents concerning the shape of the public enquiry.

The Deputy Burgomaster responsible for the project, Philippe Close said, “We want the maximum number of citizens to give their views upon the completion of the area’s reurbanisation project.”

The public enquiry focusing upon obtaining planning and environmental permissions for the Project Neo I – Européa was organised from 10 to 25 November.

From Friday, both residents and associations once again have the possibility to pass comment in a window until January 20th, whilst a fresh meeting of the Concertation Committee is fixed for February 1st.

This was explained by Brussels City Council. The latter confirmed that comments submitted during the first public enquiry will be taken into account as part of the procedure.

Driven by Brussels City Council and the Brussels Capital region, the project anticipates the construction of a new urban area in Heysel. It will consist of, amongst other things, 590 accommodation units, a business district, restaurants, nurseries and seniors’ clubs, as well as leisure and sports activities.

UCM (which supports businesses) and Unizo (a not-for-profit organisation representing the self-employed and SMEs) fear, that completing such a project gives rise to increased competition.

This is in the light of the location. Not far from the Heysel site, there is another business district anticipated for Machelen (Uplace) and of course Docks Bruxsel opened at the end of October in Brussels.

Other objections around transport, facilities, running water and the type of accommodation have also been submitted.

The author: Margareta STROOT

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