Less than 2 percent of centi-millionaires store value in crypto

When it comes to fiat currency, there are 9,630 centi-millionaires on Earth. They all have a net worth of at least $100 million. Only 182 people on our planet with more than $100 million in crypto

According to a recent study by the financial advisory group Henley and Partners, dozens of global crypto entrepreneurs are now centi-millionaires. Nearly half of them have amassed their wealth through holding or trading Bitcoin (BTC), the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

“This report, unique of its kind, contains exclusive statistics on the number of crypto and Bitcoin millionaires, centi-millionaires, and billionaires, provided by the global wealth intelligence company New World Wealth, as well as insights from leading academics, industry experts, and players in the crypto world.”

The list of global “super-rich” now includes 182 crypto centi-millionaires, of which 78 are Bitcoin holders. There are 22 crypto billionaires, with six of them having built their wealth through Bitcoin.

The research also reveals that wealthy investors are considering relocating to countries that are less likely to overregulate or ban cryptocurrencies. As Dr. Juerg Steffen, CEO of Henley and Partners, stated in a press release:

“In the past six months, we have seen a significant increase in the number of inquiries from crypto millionaires looking to protect themselves from potential future bans on trading or using cryptocurrencies in their own countries and seeking to mitigate the risks of aggressive tax policies that directly tax digital assets.”

The methodology of the study includes data from the wealth intelligence company New World Wealth and insights from leading academics and industry experts, as well as Henley and Partners’ own Crypto Adoption Index, which compares the best investment migration programs for digital asset entrepreneurs.

According to Henley and Partners, New World Health’s statistics focus on the movement and spending patterns of over 150,000 wealthy individuals, with a focus on those with at least $10 million in investable assets.

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