Belgians can order Fisker Ocean SUV, more models to be presented soon

The electric vehicles (EVs) from the American company Fisker will soon be available for purchase in Belgium. The vehicles can be ordered through Fisker’s website and will be delivered starting from the end of September, according to the manufacturer.

Fisker currently offers the Fisker Ocean SUV as its sole model. The vehicle has been available for some time in the United States, Canada, and seven European countries.

“Ultimately, we aim to sell our vehicles worldwide,” stated Henrik Fisker, the company’s chairman and CEO.

Sales in the European countries will be conducted through the website, and Fisker plans to establish service centers near major cities for customer support and sales assistance.

Looking ahead, Fisker also intends to introduce the Fisker Pear, a crossover model with a base price of $29,900 in the United States. Additionally, there’s the Fisker Rōnin, a high-performance sports convertible with approximately 1000 horsepower and a base price of $385,000 in the U.S. The Fisker Ocean will start at a price of €71,058.

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