Lawrence Naesen hit from behind by team leader: ‘if you do that in Belgium you can spend a night in jail’

There is more course than the Giro and Lawrence Naesen fell victim to Team leader Frederic Guesdon yesterday in the Tro Bro Leon.

Yesterday was a busy day with the first ride in line in the Giro and the beautiful finish in the Vuelta Femenina. But also in Brittany was courted. There was the Tro Bro Leon on the program, a nice course on dirt roads on the program. For Lawrence Naesen it was not so beautiful.

The Belgian of AG2R was driven off the socks by Groupama-FDJ team leader (and former winner of Paris-Roubaix) Frederic Guesdon. In Het Nieuwsblad, Olivier’s brother tells his story.

“It happened about forty kilometers from the finish line. I wasn’t in the big group for three minutes, or I suddenly felt my bike under my hole skew enormously. I had to and would go to the ground. It was the car of Frédéric Guesdon that quickly wanted to pass the peloton on an asphalt road between some unpaved strips. But sometimes the road is too narrow to pass.

“He not only took me with him but also a rider from the Continental Team Saint-Michel-Mavic-Auber 93. I’m glad I can still retell it. My back is completely planed, my shoulders, elbows and knees are open. Fortunately, I didn’t break anything.”

Naesen is then not tender for Guesdon. “If you do that in Belgium, you can spend a night in jail. I fell to the left, then I was under his car tires. The most punishing thing of all is that that driver didn’t even care about the victims he made. He just drove through. A little humanity is still allowed in this world, isn’t it?”

Naesen also posted a cynical tweet after the incident. He says in it. “There is a first time for everything. I was hit by a squad leader car from Groupama-FDJ. Thanks and congratulations to Frédéric Guedson, who won a driver’s license at a pack of Kellogs.”

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