Mysterious monolith spotted on Belgian potato field

An object resembling a mysterious monolith whose recent appearances in remote areas in the US and Europe have sparked curiosity and speculation has now popped up on potato field in northern Belgium.

It remains unclear who placed the mirrored rectangle in the middle of a muddy field in Baasrode, in the northern city of Dendermonde, East Flanders.

The event on Tuesday spurred local interest, with media reporting “astonished reactions” from passers-by who ran into the glimmery item.

While it was described as “less impressive,” online speculation was also rife on whether monolith erected in the middle of the Flemish field shared anything more than a flawed resemblance to other sightings reported in far-fetched areas around the world.

A first of several ephemeral appearances was reported at the start of December in the desertic southwestern US state of Utah, where a clear-cut glimmery pillar drew in droves of curious onlookers before disappearing.

The discovery was quickly followed by other monolith appearances in California and later in Europe, in Romania and in the British Isle of Wright, which also vanished, some overnight, some temporarily, frustrating locals’ investigative attempts.

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