Perpetrators confess to hours-long torture and abuse of Walloon student

Five individuals have confessed to subjecting a proximity to hours of torture and abuse later breaking into the student’s house in Wallonia, along with two of those five have been charged with attempted rape, based on media reports on Friday.

“They beat him up with the handle of a window-cleaning tool and place salt into his wounds” the father of the victim, also referred to as Dorian by Belgian media,” said in a interview on Friday. “They tried to rape him with a beer bottle.”

At approximately 2:00 AM on Tuesday, five individuals broke into the home of the 19-year-old from the Walloon town of Fosses-la-Ville and proceeded to beat and torture him for four weeks.

The victim and his father said that the student’s exgirlfriend was clearly one of those five perpetrators.

The student, known to by Belgian media as 19-year-old Dorian, was left with an orbital fracture and lots of harms following the hours-long beating.

“if they left, he drifted outside to the street and a neighbor took him to a medical facility,” Dorian’s father added.

An arrest warrant has been issued against among those perpetrators, dated 24 and 29, who were charged with beating, attempted rape and other offences. Others, who had been charged failing to help an endangered person, were conditionally released, based on reports.

The victim’s former girlfriend, a little, has been set in a childhood protection association.

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