Manneken-Pis dons shepherd costume for Ommegang festival

The Manneken-Pis will wear a’Berger-Bourgeois’ shepherd costume as the 89th edition of this Ommegang procession and festival continues on Friday.

Inspired by the 16th Century Flemish painter, Denis van Asloot, the Manneken-Pis will wear a’Berger-Bourgeois’ costume, lifted from of van Asloot’s paintings, even according to a news release from Brussels Life.   

The costume, which the iconic Brussels statue will probably wear from 09:00 AM to 22:00, is a portion of the Ommegang procession and festival, which has taken place in Brussels yearly for the past 89 years.

The procession and festival honor that the arrival of Charles the Fifth into Brussels from 1549 and should include 1,400 actors, folk horses, groups, and puppet theater, as previously reported.

After the Ommegang is now finishedthe’Berger-Bourgeois’ costume will probably go on display from the Manneken-Pis museum, as well as the previous 1,025 outfits worn with the statue.

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