Belgian Sport bar launches bacon beer

Flavoured beers have been increasingly in style for a long time, but one Belgian burger bar is aiming to turn heads with its soon to be released bacon Beer.

To celebrate the reopening of indoor dining the Huggy’s Bar worked in partnership with Brasserie C – a brasserie in the centre of Liege – to create the meaty draft.

“Not all of our burgers have bacon, but when we add a few slices, it immediately becomes something else,” Thomas Mémurlin, CEO of Huggy’s Bar told the press. “So we thought that could also be true for beer.”

After several tests the resulting 6% light beer has a bacon flavour and a subtle smoky taste, according to the few who have tasted so far.

“We only use real bacon, the same as for our burgers. At first, we were afraid that it would be greasy and disgusting, but that’s not the case at all,” Mémurlin explained. While the beer pairs well with the entire menu, “perhaps more with the Bacon Burger, so that the bacon is the star of the meal,” he added.

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