The tax authorities will concentrate on tax exiles, management companies and HoReCa

HoReCa and management companies are in the spotlight of the FPS Finance, according to a report on Saturday by L’Echo, which has obtained the list of practices and taxpayers who will be particularly targeted by the tax authorities this year, according to a disclosure to officials.

Tax inspectors will continue to monitor management companies closely. Real estate companies will also be closely monitored for deductibility of professional expenses.

The HoReCa can also expect a “gigantic operation” of inspection, aiming at putting blackboxes into operation with severe fines in the events of infringement, as well as the implementation of more ordinary controls (sales revenue, Isoc, VAT).

In addition, the automatic exchange of data between tax administrations, that has recently entered into force in most of the countries of the world, will facilitate the work of the tax authorities.

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