Belgium now relying on just one reactor

Currently, Belgium has only one operational nuclear reactor: Doel 3.

As announced, Engie Electrabel has stopped Tihange 1, for maintenance, its website says on Saturday.

Engie Electrabel had announced that it had advanced the maintenance of Tihange 1 to October 13th, instead of the 20th, as initially programed. This to limit the period in which Doel 3 (with a capacity of 1,066 megawatts) will be the country’s sole operating nuclear power plant. Tihange 1, with capacity of 962 megawatts, is expected to provide current again as of November 17.

The other five reactors in the kingdom are down, due to maintenance or problems. Engie aims to restart Doel 1, Doel 2 and Doel 4 some time in December. Tihange 3 should be back in service as of March 1, while Tihange 2 should not resume the service before May 31.

A risk of power shortage is threatening Belgium this winter, due to the unavailability of power plants. The power supply has to be ensured through imports and restarting gas stations. Large industrial customers will be asked to stop their energy consumption during evening and morning peak hours, so as to free their overcapacity.

The author: Michel THEYS

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