Public Health Minister speaks up on the egg scandal

The Minister of public health, Maggie De Block, says she is very “preoccupied” and monitors the situation of contaminated eggs closely.

“I monitor the situation very closely as it concerns our health”, declared the Minister.

Afsca, Belgium’s Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, announced yesterday that results from a “second opinion” taken from samples from one of the currently blocked 86 companies in the fipronil scandal reveal a content exceeding the European safety threshold (which is 0.72 mg/kg).

As a result, the Minister has asked for immediate additional measures from Afsca, including “blocking all the laying hen farms whose eggs were previously analyzed by a laboratory which was contradicted by the second opinion”, as well as the recall of “all the eggs of the companies tested by this laboratory” before they get to the homes of the consumers.

“People ask me if there will be any eggs available tomorrow morning for breakfast. I refer to Afsca which will make an announcement today on the necessary recalls.” However, the Minister added, that the eggs recalled are carried out as a precautionary measure.

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