WDP is building 150,000 sq.m solar park

The logistics company WDP is constructing a 150,000 square meter solar panel installation with a capacity of 25 megawatt peak (MWp) at a distribution center in the port of Ghent. It will, for the time being, be the largest solar roof in Belgium. In the long term, the plant can generate energy for 20,000 families per year.

solar installation in Belgium: 150,000 square meters of panels on one roof. The company will be able to generate 25 megawatts of peak green energy from the summer. That is equivalent to the annual consumption of 20,000 families. “The energy will initially be sold to an energy company and thus end up with the people. There are consultations with partners in the port, such as the ArcelorMittal steel plant and the car manufacturer Volvo, to purchase green electricity,” says CEO Joost Uwents.

“Of course, we will also use the energy ourselves.”

We want to build a hub for green energy, so that we can use electric vans to deliver from here — Joost Uwents, CEO of WDP

The large sunroof is a way for the company to also green the fleet. Now the distribution center is mainly still working with trucks or vans running on fossil fuels. “That can change now that we are going to generate a lot of green energy ourselves, so we can switch to vehicles that can charge here and cover shorter distances,” explains Uwents.

The logisitiek company has buildings throughout the Benelux, and also in Romania, that lend themselves to installing solar installations. “We want to generate even more green energy in the future, in the coming months and years we will more than double our capacity,” concludes Uwents.

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