Brussels is quick to sprout apathy for Brexit Britain

Brussels trip for MSPs

BRUSSELS is already turning its back on Britain. That was my impression when I visited the EU centre of operations last week.

There’s little mood for compromise – or even conversation, a month after the referendum vote. Britain is already outside the club.

European institutions don’t want to talk to anyone associated with the UK Government . It could be considered a “pre-negotiation”.

That is why we need to make some big decisions quickly. The First Minister outlined her terms to the UK Government on Tuesday. These were free
movement, membership of the single market, access to farming money and university research grants, and guarantees for workers’ rights.

She said: “I don’t underestimate the challenge of finding a such a solution.”

She is right to try. It’s what 62 per cent of Scotland voted for.

Politicians across Europe have lined up to express sympathy for Scotland’s predicament. But a unique regional “exemption” from the Brexit deal will be difficult.

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