Science Student Prompts Brussels Bomb Scare

brussels bomb

Armed police engage in a stand-off with a man wearing a heavy coat with wires hanging out of it. An armed police stand-off in Brussels has ended after a man suspected of being a suicide bomber turned out to be a science student doing an experiment.

A man wearing a heavy coat with wires hanging out of it prompted a security alert and partial lockdown of the Belgian capital.

The suspect, who was pictured on his knees with his hands on his head, turned out to be a science student researching radiation levels.

He has been detained by police for questioning.

A police spokesperson said: “The way in which he reacted initially was not normal, which is why we had to use such measures.”

A bomb disposal robot detected metal plates underneath the man’s coat during the stand-off.

Cordons around Place de la Monnaie have been lifted.

Sky News Europe Correspondent Mark Stone said: “He was, according to the police, quite uncooperative and pretty passive in reaction to what the police wanted him to do.

“For that reason the police say they will be pursuing legal action against him.”

Brussels has been on high alert since Islamic State suicide bomb attacks in the Belgian capital on 22 March, which left 32 people dead.

Following the Bastille Day attack in Nice last week security in Brussels was increased for a Belgian public holiday on Thursday.

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