Use’License locks’ to stop unlicensed drivers, says accident victims association

A driving license lock ought to be installed in every car in order to better apply regulations contrary to Allied drivers, The Parents of Road Accident Attorney (OVK) said this Friday to Belgian media.

“We’ve got plenty of data bases which are not functional, even though there is a wealth of resources available to really apply the driving ban”, said Koen Van Wonterghem, director of OVK.

OVK is really a Belgian non-profit organisation, attempting to ensure safer roads and forcing in Belgium.

As stated by Van Wonterghem, this kind of lock could be perfectly achievable. It works like the already existing Alcolock, a system that requires drivers to breathalyse themselves in order to unlock their motor vehicle.  Passengers would, therefore, need to present a valid driving license in order to unlock their car.

Considering that the software already exists,”it is around Europe to impose that on car manufacturers”, said Van Wonterghem.

OVK’s demands arise after news that a software malfunction is preventing authorities carrying checks out from obtaining the listing of banned drivers surfaced on Thursday. 

The Minister of Justice,” Koen Geens, supported OVK’s demands. However, the trail safety institute Vias, felt that such a strategy will be hard to implement. “making sure the Mercury database is functional is a significant thing before we are able to think farther”, said Vias spokesperson, Stef Willems.

The author: Clémentine FORISSIER

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