2018, Annually Full of Attacks actions in Belgium

Charles Michel’s government has seen more attacks than past governments lately, according to recently published statistics.

In 2018, 422,249 individual working days were lost through strike action, accordingto ONSS figures published in De Standaard on Friday.

Throughout the last thirty decades, there have already been on average 238,000 attack days annually. However underneath the current government, the figures have burst.

In 2014, in the start of the’Swedish coalition’,” 853,000 strike days were recorded. This administration was the one most contested by discontent since that of Dehaene I.

Perhaps not all the strikes had been sexually stimulated. In November as an instance, the majority of days lost through strike action concerned the company’bpost’. But big political attacks have also been getting in to the country, as have those around the pension age, the abrupt growth in the cost of living or again the slow reduction in unemployment.

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