“Find your match”, a Belgian app to organise friendly matches

The application “Find your match”, dubbed the ‘football Tinder’, was launched on Friday.

The Belgian app makes it much easier for football clubs to organise friendly matches.

“Find your match puts football clubs from across the world in touch each other, so they can immediately find another club for a friendly match. It takes the club’s location at the time into account. Find your match instantly centralises and manages all the match offers and requests through a single platform”, the app’s developers say.

Registration is free, along with the first two months, as developers try to get clubs to sign up to the platform. Find your match can be used by any amateur or professional football club.

FIFA says there are 301,000 clubs and 1,750,000 football teams in the world today. They each play on average 10 to 20 friendly matches a season.

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