Charles Michel, Angela Merkel and Brexit

Prime Minister Charles Michel will hold talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Tuesday.

Brexit is part of the agenda with the UK’s exit deadline fast approaching.

The UK leave is scheduled for 29 March, but it is less than certain if the date will be respected. There will be important voting in British Parliament this week, in particular on the withdrawal agreement — rejected a first time in January — that Prime Minister Theresa May renegotiated with EU authorities.

Tuesday’s meeting between Michel and Merkel will enable both government leaders to exchange their views on this issue and on the consequences should the British parliament renew their rejection. Will the vote results be for a “hard” Brexit or delay?

Belgium’s Prime Minister has already had the opportunity to discuss with his British counterpart by telephone, and held as well an informal meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda will be preparations for the next European summit, especially the EU budget and the future of cohesion funds, important for Belgium.

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