Beer prices rise again in January

The AB InBev brewing giant will slightly raise the price of most of its beers on 1 January.

Supermarkets and the Horeca sector could make consumers cover this increase, Het Laatste Nieuws reports Saturday.

“We often advise to do so, although this should not necessarily be done immediately,” Raf Peeters, from Horeca Vlaanderen Association, comments. According to him, the Alken-Maes Group might also review its prices upwards.

AB InBev – which owns Stella Artois, Jupiler, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Belle-Vue and Corona, among others – evokes a “slight increase in prices.’’ A barrel of Jupiler intended for Horeca will come to 153.84 euros, excise taxes and VAT included. For the consumer, “this equates to an average increase of 0.016 euros per glass of beer,” AB InBev’s Laure Stuyck asserts.

The world’s largest brewer will also sell its beer to supermarkets at an average higher price of 0.015 euros per bottle.

This price increase was expected because of the drought and the consequent higher grain prices.

AB Inbev had claimed, however, three months ago that it did not plan to raise prices.

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